What differentiates the work of the babysitter in the family?

When we talk about the work of the babysitter in the family, we should always keep in mind that it is considered to be very different from working in a school or kindergarten. Usually the family assumes a special unique atmosphere, which needs an individual approach. Failure to understand this can cause a number of problems, among which there are the two main types:

  1. Conflict of views on child education and disagreement with the objectives, necessities and requirements;

  2. Direct relationship between the babysitter and family, babysitter and child.

 The most common are the first problems associated with competing view on child education. The babysitter and the parents may have a different understanding of the essence of education. If the babysitter has an extensive pedagogical education and solid experience, the babysitter will not share the same view of education, which their parents share. However, the parents, in turn, may have a clear idea about how exactly their child should grow and develop.

To avoid this kind of problems the parents and babysitter should specify in advance all the features of the educational process. If you use any of the additional classes, you need to find out what system they will be based. Nowadays there are a huge variety of educational systems and programs teaching children of all ages, so the babysitter may not be familiar with them or not interested in using them.

Even with the exceptional relations between the parents and the babysitter, the parents do not usually get used to the position of the babysitter in the family. After all, if there are any conflicts, in most cases, parents are more willing to believe their child rather than the best babysitter.

Parents should always remember that they are the employers. They should make it clear that babysitter should not cross the line between their work and relationships. At the same time the parents should be respectful to babysitter and should not be involved in their personal issues. The babysitter, in turn, must be patient in order to earn the trust of the child and parents.


The second type of problem lies in the fact that the babysitter is not able to make effective contact with parents. In fact, it is very important for parents and babysitter to have trust relationship and understanding, because the success of a child will largely depend on the relationship between parents and babysitter. However, the parents do not always understand the importance of building such a trust relationship and do not bother to discuss their issues and compromise.

Dealing with these challenges requires a search for mutual contact between the parents and the babysitter to develop a trust relationship. Babysitter must be able to explain the reason of their objection and demand, and parents need to understand that there is no ideal babysitter and as result compromise.

Another problem can be directly related to relationship between babysitter and child. After all, even if parents have found a good babysitter, it still does not mean that the babysitter will have a trust relationship with the child. One of the most important factors for a good relationship between child and babysitter is for babysitter to have a positive attitude towards children, because sometimes child’s mood can distress even the most balanced babysitter. Therefore, the nurse should develop a positive and friendly approach to child-rearing.

Relationship between a babysitter and child is dependent on the relationship between parents and babysitter. If the parents respectful to babysitter, it will encourage the child to have obedience and recognition of babysitter’s authority. The babysitter will be able easily to find a common language with the child if the babysitter will treat the child with utmost respect.

The most important basis for solving any issues is healthy and trusting relationship.