Father's influence on child development: to what extent is it important?

In the process of child education and development, the father's role becomes as important as the role of the mother. Normally, happiness of the child can be determined by the amount of provided attention and time that he spend with his child. It would be great if the father can find enough time to spend with the child. Unfortunately, nowadays we can often see fathers who come home from work and watch TV instead of playing with their loved ones. However, for a child it is very important to get father’s attention. It is equally important for boys and for girls.



We should always remember that the will of the Father does not always coincide with the wishes and needs of the child. For example, if the father sees his son's future in professional sport, he may train his child from the cradle without paying any attention to whether his son has or has not any interest and talent for the particular sport. Consequently this training becomes a burden for the child and can even lead to a complete hatred for the sport. Therefore, the father should rather cheer his child instead of criticizing his/her performance. When the father engages his child into any sport activity, it should be done in the form of the game, to make child love it, and it will create an opportunity to direct his child into sport professional path in the future.

The boy will become a real man if he will have a good model of the other man or older friend to follow. Father should be this role model and should become his best friend and mentor. In case, if the father is constantly irritable and aggressive, the son will seek for protection of his mother.

Nevertheless, the relationship between the daughter and the father should be an integral component of girl's developmental process. Generally, the daughter will not look at her father as a role model. However, she will be looking for his approval and support since it is necessary for her self-belief.

It is very important when father appreciates the daughter’s new dress or hairstyle. He should praise her for things performed around the house or cooked dinner. It will be very important for father to listen to his daughter’s advises. And when his daughter will become quite mature and will introduce her first boyfriend, it will be very important for her that her father will treat him with respect, even though he will not entirely likes the choice of his daughter. After all, when his daughter will get married, she will use her father as role model to set standard in the selection process of her future husband.