Babysitter's interview questions



Hiring a new babysitter is not only stressful and challenging process for parents but also can cause anxiety for both parents and children. Unfortunately, it happens over and over that we hire babysitters who are incapable to handle behavior of the kids and children are uncomfortable with them. To avoid such problems, advises parents to ensure that the babysitters are interviewed for assessing their skills in handling kids.


List of questions to ask your potential babysitter during the interview:


  1. Where are you from?

  2. What is your legal status?

  3. Will you give me your permission to conduct an extensive background check?

  4. Do you know first aid or have any emergency training or other certifications?

  5. What is your professional background?

  6. What is your educational background?

  7. How long have you been working as a nanny?

  8. Why did you choose to become a nanny?

  9. Why did you leave your previous nanny job?

  10. How many children did you take care of in your previous job?

  11. How old were the children you took care of?

  12. When did you start taking care of those children?

  13. What were your day to day responsibilities?

  14. What was your schedule?

  15. Will you pick my child up at school if I need you to?

  16. What type of activities did you do with your children?

  17. Can you name five favorite children’s books?

  18. How many children’s songs and poems do you know?

  19. What other type of activities do you enjoy doing?

  20. Do you know any child development methodologies?

  21. Are you comfortable taking the child to activities or classes?

  22. What are your thoughts on child discipline?

  23. What do you do when a child does not want to do something?

  24. Can you describe a challenging situation?

  25. What was your worst experience in childcare and how did you resolve it?

  26. Do you have children of your own and if yes, how many and how old are they?

  27. Have you ever been in an emergency situation while babysitting?

  28. What is the first thing that you do when there is an emergency situation?

  29. Can you tell me some problems that you had with kids and how did you go about dealing with them?

  30. How do you handle irritability?

  31. How do you react if the child bit you?

  32. How do you feel toilet training should be approached?

  33. What about teaching the child to eat and getting dressed?

  34. Are you comfortable taking the child to the beach?

  35. Do you like pets?

  36. Do you smoke/drink?

  37. Do you have a driver license and if yes, do you have a car?

  38. Can you cook and if yes, will you cook for the baby and do some shopping as needed?

  39. Can you clean and if yes, will you help me with cleaning?

  40. How much are you expecting to get paid?

  41. How flexible are you if I arrive from work an hour late?

  42. Please provide references of your previous employers

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