Babysitter's references


                                                                                    advices and even encourages your babysitter candidate to bring a resume as well as list of references with them to the first interview. Regardless of how you find babysitter candidate or how often they will be caring for your children, it is essential to thoroughly screen all babysitter candidates.   If the babysitter candidate does not have a formal resume make sure you ask her for references from the last three (or more) families she worked for as a babysitter. Ask the babysitter candidate for specifics such as names, phone numbers, duration of job, and why the job ended. If the babysitter candidate hesitates then you may want to delve into why they are not forthcoming about references.


If you are considering the candidate then call these references and ask them some questions that you have prepared and/or consider list below. You will find that many families are very open when it comes to the delicate subject of childcare. Some references may even offer to meet you face to face to answer any questions you may have about the babysitter.


Do not interrupt the references when they are speaking. If something they say is unclear than ask for clarification. If something they say is unsettling to you then make sure to ask the other references similar questions about the babysitter to find out if they give you the same response.


If references don’t return your calls within 24 hours call the babysitter to see if she knows whether they’re on vacation. Put the responsibility on the babysitter to get these people to call you. A lack of response without cause nearly always suggests reluctance – not a good sign.


Consider list of important questions below for babysitters’ references:


  1. How did you hire her (advertising, agency, and friend)?

  2. How long do you know this person?

  3. How long did she work for you – get dates?

  4. Why did you hire her?

  5. Why and when did she leave?

  6. What was her schedule like?

  7. How many kids did she take care of and what were their ages?

  8. How did she teach or discipline the children?

  9. Did she take them to activities?

  10. Did your children like her?

  11. Did she handle any emergencies where your child was involved?

  12. Does she stay in touch with your children since she left the job?

  13. Did she perform other duties such as housekeeping or running errands?

  14. How well does she communicate with you during or at the end of the day?

  15. Did you ever try to get her to improve – how did she respond to your suggestions?

  16. Did she have any health and personal issues– many sick days taken every year?

  17. What were her strengths and weaknesses?

  18. Is she punctual and reliable?

  19. Does she smoke or drink?

  20. Did you have cameras installed in your house?

  21. Would you hire her again?

  22. Where do you and your husband work?

  23. Where do your children go to school? (This can often throw a fake reference)


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