Becoming a Babysitter Without Experience


There is a huge demand for family nannies, although finding your first nanny job may not be so easy. Many seriously interested people believe that their chances of employment are low with no previous experience babysitting. However, there are a few steps they can take to improve their chances of finding nannie’s job without any formal experience. Find out what nanny duties and responsibilities are, which will provide you a reasonable idea of what you should seek for in to develop skills needed to widen your experience.

Babysitter Without Experience

Develop love of children: Develop love of children should be the most important factors in choosing to work in children. Remember to take time to appreciate the children in your care, and have fun with them while teaching and answering questions.

Resume:   You should prepare your resume. Since it is hard to get your first position without experience, you can mention in your resume any babysitting you have done and any experience you have acquired. Also, you can mention any certifications you have obtained that are relevant to the position you are applying.

Agencies: You should find agencies that advertise babysitter jobs and register with these agencies.   The agency does not have the right to prevent you from registering with other agencies. The agency will check your references before it can offer you any interviews with prospective families.

Certificates & Education Courses: You should make yourself more marketable as a nanny by obtaining certifications in First Aid and CPR. In addition, early childhood education courses from a college can still provide skills and underscores that you are invested in your commitment to become a nanny for long term .This is a great way to show hiring families that you are responsible and serious concerning the education and safety of the children and thus seriously want the position.

Master Household Skills:   Even thoughnanny is not a housekeeper, cleaning up after the children, washing their clothes, and preparing their meals is part of the job. Learn to prepare healthy food and provide them in fun ways that the children are desire to eat.

Volunteering: You can volunteer your services to child-related areas such as at pre-schools and elementary schools. It is a great way to obtain experience and skills needed. You will learn to communicated efficiently with children and determine if this job is really right for your personality.

References: You should ask your friends and former employers if they can provide you with references. Reference checks are a big part of the babysitter hiring process, it gives families insight into your personality. You can also ask your former employers to provide you with references.   Even if references are not childcare-related, your friends or former employers can still confirm that you are responsible and honest person with great personality, which are important skills for nanny.

Interview:   Most of these interviews will include meeting with the children. So be sure to interact with the children, even the youngest ones, with a smiling, positive attitude. Tell the parents about your education, your certifications and your volunteer efforts. Be positive that you will get a job but don't be too rigid in your expectations