Becoming a Nanny


While being a nanny is very rewarding, it is also very hard work. Nannies have to be prepared to adjust to a new job as well as to living in a new environ­ment.   They also have to be able to navigate the complex relationship with the families’ lifestyle and philosophy that are noticeably different from their own.   Prior to a job search and becoming a nanny, a person should consider many factors.

Becoming a nanny

Things Nannies should carefully consider are:

  1. What type of position they want to secure;
  2. Whether they want a full-time or part-time position;
  3. Whether they would like to be a live-in or a live-out nannies;
  4. Geographical locations where they would like to work;
  5. What type of family they wish to work;
  6. The number and ages of children that they are comfortable working with;
  7. Which, household chores they are willing to do in addition to the ones related to the children; and
  8. Personal preferences they have that may affect their acceptance of position such as allergies to pets, religious convictions and parents’ lifestyle preferences.

Things Nannies need to ask themselves to judge if they are suitable for this type of work:

  1. Whether they are patient people;
  2. Whether they can handle long hours on a stretch with a small child or children;
  3. If they are flexible to perform their childcare responsibilities according to the families’ wishes;
  4. If they can organize their day to accomplish all required tasks, while not neglecting their direct responsibilities; and
  5. If they are adaptable and flexible enough to change their routine to accommodate the sick child or children.

Nannies should also be aware about their duties, which may include:

  1. Meal planning and preparation for the children;
  2. Laundering and caring for clothing belonging to the children;
  3. Organizing play activities and outings; setting behavioral guidelines;
  4. Providing discipline when appropriate; providing transportation;
  5. Traveling with the family; and
  6. Communicate effectively with both the children and their parents.