Parental Jealousy

Parental Jealousy

The relationship between the child and his mother starts in the delivery room.  Starting from the delivery room no one will replace the mother in the life of the child. Therefore, we do not recommend using the services of a babysitter in the first year since it is the time when relationship between parents and the child strengthened.

The first year sometimes considered the most difficult because it is accompanied by teeth, colic, active learning, and knowledge of the world all around. When parents go through this journey together with the child, they become very attached to the child.

Jealousy begins to appear when:


The child starts missing babysitter. The parents should not be afraid of such occurrence because they already spend so much time together with the child.  A babysitter is just is not a replacement for the parents but another friend for the child.

The child does not want to part with his babysitter in the evening. The child cannot cope with their emotions as result they feel abandoned. However, when the child calms down, then he or she happily runs towards the parents and your evening starts to fill with joyful atmosphere.


The child does not run towards the parents to meet them from work. The child cannot switch as fast as we would like.  Each day passes differently. One day your child is offended by a nanny and only waits for the return of his parents.  The next day he plays another interesting game and does not even notice the parents’ appearance.


Your child shares his feeling with the babysitter. This happens because the babysitter is always there with the child.  The child usually does not wait for the parents to come to share his or her emotions afterwards.


The child calls the babysitter mother. In this situation, the parents should take the matter in their own hands.  The parents should spend a little more time with their child. They should let the babysitter know to not cross the professional boundaries.


It is important to consider the relationship between the parents in the evenings and weekends. Very often the day ends with the arguments between the parents concerning the child behavior and education.  The parents should always try to play with baby and engage the child when they cook dinner. They should eat together, watch cartoon, and then put them to bed. After all, good and harmonious relations develop precisely from such moments.


A better way to spend the weekend with the child is to attend various places such as circus or zoo. The parents should give the child the same positive emotions, which the child receives from a babysitter. The child does not like the babysitter more than parents. The child simply wants more attention from the parents and get offended when they fail to provide it.

When the parents interview a babysitter, they should discuss the scope of the babysitter behavior. The parents should explain the babysitter that it is not necessary to indulge all the whims of the child. The child should be aware of that the babysitter is only there for time being. It is important to remember that there should not be any secrets between the babysitter and child of which the parents are not aware. A professional babysitter will not allow the child to indulge all the whims but will educate the child to be restrained.