Two Year Old Bully

Our family had two-year bully. It was very difficult for me to live with it because I was very proud of myself for raising my child in non-violent methods and techniques that I thoroughly studied and utilized.

Last week when we went to the local bookstore, I have witnessed a situation that brought me thirty years ago back in time.

A little boy approach a girl of the same age and hit her on the head with a book. The boy's mother was absolutely embarrassed. She apologized and scolded her son.  In turn, while the girl was crying due to suffering whiplash, her mother was comforting her.

The simple truth lies in the fact that children grow fast enough.  Regardless of all the advices given by professionals, there is no definite answers, how to resolve this issue.  However, there are a few things that I observed based on my own experience:

1. Parents need to stay calm in theirresponses.

2. The desire to any manifestation of aggression is not normal.

3. Usually the children act this way based due to following:

a. Children are tired;

b. Children do not have enough vocabulary to cope;

c. Children often overly existed;

d. Children are not capable to share their favorite toys;

e. Children, in general, can not share (start to develop at the age of three); and

f. Children have more aggression in small rooms and private homes.

If your child assaulted another, then you should respond quickly, strictly and consistently, regardless of whether your child was provoked or not.

It is not necessary to avoid such social situations because your child should learn how to properly socialize with other children.Please note that some playgroups never work.

The most import key, in my view, is the patience and the preservation of a sense of humor. Although we are all convinced that we are raising the perfect child, we have to understand that they are only two years old and eventually it will pass.