Approaches of nanny jobs search

Nowadays many women are increasingly choosing to become nannies. It is not surprising because this work has a number of indisputable advantages. First, a woman can choose working hours by herself. Second, this kind of work does not require a specific diploma. Third, the demand for nannies is progressively growing day by day. Thus, the nanny job has all the chances to become that very "dream job" which combines a comfortable schedule, favorable conditions, and congenial employment.

Depending on how much time you are willing to work, you may be interested in a nanny job with accommodation, hourly or child escort. Usually nannies who are going to live with a family face most requirements. After all, trust in them has to be the highest, and the scope of their responsibilities is much broader than in others. Hourly nannies can work both on a onetime and daily basis. Child escort nannies are hired to pick up kids from school, take them to clubs, to bring them home after visiting sports classes, and so on.

In search of a nanny job diplomas in education, psychology, culinary or a medical qualification may come in handy. Sometimes a driving license is appreciated. However, most parents are more interested in experience or personality of the woman they are going to entrust their children to. Some families appreciate when the candidate has worked as a nanny, animator, preschool teacher, or a tutor. For others a more significant criteria would be the way you get along with their child, the games you play together, and whether you share their kid`s fancy, say, for dancing.

Having gaged soberly your own dexterousness, strengths and weaknesses, it will be easier for you to realize what kind of employer you want to find so o you can safely begin to market yourself. The easiest way is to turn to special find-nanny and au-pair services or to recruitment agencies, outsourcing companies, private labor exchanges. Information about offices of this type can be found in newspapers or on the Internet. Specialists of these companies will do for you all the work on search and selection of desired jobs. However, you will more likely have to pay for their services – usually not cheap. Moreover, they cannot guarantee you a job for extended lengths of time. They just bring you in contact with an employer that is with a prospective family, but whether your relationship will be smooth depends on many factors.

It is worth submitting your CV online at several job search sites. It's a must to add your resume, cover letter; be prepared to provide recommendations, diplomas scans or photos. After all you want to work with children, so tell about yourself openly and clearly! But keep in mind that not every busy mom will be looking for a nanny right here.

Therefore be sure to sign up in a few groups in social networks dedicated to motherhood, nannies, child care or upbringing, or on topic-related websites. This is a great opportunity to meet colleagues and employers. Parents are having a dip into similar online resources not only on business (to find a nanny) but also for socializing which they may lack. Thus, the atmosphere here is relaxed and friendly. Here you can discuss matters you are concerned about, get advice from more experienced nannies, and understand the needs of parents who are looking for an assistant for their family. You can unobtrusively tell others about yourself.

You can also go to the employment center. It is unlikely that you will be offered a nanny job in a family, but what if there are vacancies in a public or private day care, child care center or in a little hopeful’s school?

And to top it off, talk to friends of yours, they can if necessary recommend you to their friends. In such a delicate matter as finding nannies probably the most important factor is confidence. No resume, portfolio or recommendation can replace live human perceptions and emotions. Develop a reputation so that it will be working for you in the future.