Nanny with no experience / Nanny's first job

So you've decided to become a nanny. Or even like this: you’ve ventured to become a nanny! How can you best position yourself to find a position?

 Education. Most parents would be attracted by a nanny candidate with higher or specialized education. Very well if you have completed some targeted course in addition to basic education. It can be a nanny or governess training course, first aid course, nutrition course and the like. Even if you have not got certified, the fact you are studying boosts your chances in the labor market. A further wish to study proves the seriousness of your intentions and is a sign that the decision to become a nanny is not simply spontaneous.

Experience. Though you cannot boast of any nanny experience, you can find some personal experience moments that might attract potential employers. Everything connected with childcare is equally important. Did you daylight as an animator at children’s parties, participate in an au-pair program? Such an experience proves that you are able to get along with children, even if they are unfamiliar to you, and that this job does not scare you. Did you work as a counselor at children’s camps, chaperone on excursions, or give master classes for children? If so, it will show that you really like interacting with children, and are willing to devote time to them. Maybe even something completely routine and not work-related: e.g. you have younger siblings who you looked after. Or you helped your little nephew with his home assignments. Or amused your neighbor’s baby. Anyhow, something from this list has happened to you. After all, it is due to the positive experience with kids you have determined that the nanny job suits you. All this is your undeniable advantages for an employer.

If the nanny job is not your first one, it’s worth determining the advantages of your past professional experience. For example, if you worked in the services sector, you might have developed communication skills. If you were a tutor, your knowledge may be useful to your new wards. Recall everything what could serve in the nanny job. The more points you call, the more likely that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Feedback. Stock up with recommendation letters and employment references. That’s great if your job was related to children. If not, any good conduct certificate will play into your hand. The main thing is to convince your new employers that you are reliable, honest and responsible. It may be even more significant than experience.

Interview. Your efforts were not in vain, and your candidature caught interest! So, time to prepare for the next step – the interview in the family. Make a good first impression – you will not have another chance for that. Do some reading on the general tips for job interviews, and keep in mind a few special points concerning the nanny job. Your clothes should be tidy, unostentatious but not too formal. Smart casual clothing would be most suitable, and a minimum of makeup and perfumes, sensible shoes. Your look should show that you are in physical and mental comfort. Children will allegedly be present on the interview. Pay attention to them and speak with a smile, gently, but with no fawning. Be ready to answer parents’ questions not related directly to the nanny job. It is clear that they seek to get as full overview as possible of the person who they are going to entrust their children to. Do some asking around as well. Before the interview it’s advisable that you make a list of items that are mostly interesting to you. But more important is to mention what you are not ready to do. For example, to walk the dog, do the ironing for the family or stay overnight. But don’t only overdo, because what concerns childcare – washing and ironing children’s clothes, children cooking, cleaning in the nursery – can quite possibly be expected from you.


No matter what professional experience is behind you and whether you have one at all. Starting a nanny career do show off a desire to work and improve yourself. Show that you perceive working with children seriously, and lack of experience will not get in your road.