Pregnancy planning

So, you took the plunge to become a mother! In addition to anxiety, which is natural, you must have a lot of questions that came to your mind never before. Quite soon you will take responsibility not only for yourself but also for the tiny creature that is inside of you, and soon will be completely dependent on you. In fact, responsibility begins already with planning your pregnancy because the physical and psychological condition of a woman at the time of conception affects not only pregnancy but also the health of the unborn baby throughout his/her life.

It is better to start preparing for pregnancy at the pre-conceptive stage. Depending on the physical state of a woman and the conditions in which she lives, this stage can vary from one to several months. It goes without saying that the better the health of the mother, the more likely to carry and give birth to a healthy baby. Therefore when planning to become a mother, you should consult a doctor. Discuss all the factors that may affect conception and pregnancy, including chronic diseases and previous pregnancies experience. Do not forget about heredity, it is not only information about the health of future parents that is important, but also their relatives. Given that some diseases or predisposition to them can occur through generations, it is worth remembering – of course, not to scare yourself, but in order to minimize the risk of a disease. In most cases, women are required to follow simple rules to protect themselves and the child from occurring health problems.

Before visiting the doctor, make a list of questions you would like to discuss. This list may include several blocks of information:

  • physical state: chronic diseases that you or your partner have (hypertension, diabetes, thyroid problems, etc.), chronic or hereditary diseases in your family, illnesses you went through (chicken pox, mumps, hepatitis);

  • living and working conditions – in particular, effects of chemical and biological factors, everyday routine and diet;

  • psychological setting: how supportive and responsive your environment is, how you are prone to stress;

  • addictions: if you smoke, take alcohol or drugs, your doctor will advise you how to get rid of addiction. If you cannot quit, consult your doctor how to minimize exposure to toxic substances;

  • remedies: be sure to tell your doctor if you regularly take certain medications; tell him what you usually take when having colds, headaches, etc.; ask in advance for drugs that affect pregnancy and fetus and which are allowed during child bearing.

Your doctor can refer you to pass certain tests or consult specialized doctors – cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, geneticist, nutritionist or surgeon. If you feel that the doctor doesn't pay attention to some points, tell him about it, or try looking for another doctor. The main thing is that you have no doubts and uncertainty remained, it is no good for you now.

You should also pay a visit to a dentist. It is well known that a pregnant woman could get a decline in their dental health. Tooth treatment during baby bearing is not always desirable, so it is best to eliminate all the existing problems before pregnancy.

The next step is to select the gynecologist. In addition to his/her qualification and recommendations it is important that you feel comfortable with him/her. The mood you go with to the doctor may affect your labs and behavior of the baby, so do not underestimate this aspect.

So, doctors passed, recommendations received. What's next? Life is what you made happen. Eliminate or minimize negative factors (alcohol, smoking, including passive one, toxic substances, and stress). Set a goal to eat healthy food and stay well rested– such a habit will be useful during pregnancy, reducing negative effects on the body. Make attempts go for a walk, it may also be worth it to start yoga or a fitness class, go to the pool, and in a few months you can move to special classes for pregnant women – it will strengthen your body and bring you confidence, which positively affects the course of pregnancy and childbirth. Careful preparation to pregnancy reduces morning sickness and other troubles dramatically, and baby-bearing time will become a period of meditation and happy expectations.